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We know how important the pet is as part of the family, it is for them that we have developed this platform that will help millions of pets in the world to return to their homes and avoid such a painful and worrying moment such as loss. of a pet.

We are a group of professionals who use information technology for the benefit of pets, thus developing an exclusive network for them, large development companies have only developed for people, that is why we decided to think of our four-legged friends and use said technology to prevent our pets from getting lost and/or being able to return to their owners, despite the fact that it is the sole responsibility of the owner of the pet that is in their care, nor is anyone unaware that it suddenly escapes from us due to the sounds of fires artificial, some scare, etc... This is where trackpets comes into action.

We are a private organization at the service of the community, we are not connected with any government organization, all information given to trackpets is 100% private and confidential, and will be used exclusively to find the pet.

Trackpets is an information technology network like those popularly used as Facebook, Twitter only oriented to pets, when you register on our website you will get a QR code or NFC technology, this is essential to be able to track your pet, you can print it, make it a collar, etc... and put it on your pet. In the event that your pet is lost, any user with their mobile device will be able to know the basic information of your pet and thus contact the owner, as well as know if it is indeed lost or is only a pet in the sector, thus avoiding having to look for one. specialized person with a chip reader that not everyone has within reach at such a crucial moment.
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